Terms and Conditions


1. When making an enquiry or a request to book a Photo booth from Bubbly Booths it will be presumed that you have read these terms and conditions, therefore if you do not fully understand this document or any of its contents please do not hesitate to contact Bubbly Booths.


2. When you book and pay your deposit (Which is charged at 50% of the total cost of your hire) it will be assumed that you have read the terms and conditions and you fully accept them meaning you will be bound by them in their entirety.
3. Bubbly Booths may change their terms and conditions and are at no obligation to inform any person/persons of the change, however it will uphold the terms and conditions that were in place at the time the booking was made.
4. A booking quote is individual and can vary depending on any offers that are available, these quotes are only valid for 30 days and therefore can be subject to change should you wish to book after 30 days of requesting your quote.
5. At the time of booking any special requirements need to be arranged before booking. Things that we need to be informed of (but are not exclusive to ) Early set up, venues with no close parking, venues that are upstairs or not easily accessible we have a lot of heavy equipment that needs to be moved so accessibility is very important, if you are unsure please contact us as it is your responsibility as the customer to find out this information.
6. Please note that no booking is secure until the deposit has been paid.
7. The Deposit is charged at 50% of your hire price and is required in order to secure the date you have requested. This is at the discretion of Bubbly Booths and on occasion they will accept a smaller deposit, however this will need to be discussed at the booking stage.
8. Deposits are non-refundable, and only in exceptional circumstance will a deposit be returned, however this is at the discretion of Bubbly Booths.
9. Mileage costs will be included in your hire price should your event fall out of our 30 mile radius.
10. The total balance needs to be paid two weeks prior to the event, in some circumstance we are happy to make alternative arrangements but this is at the discretion of bubbly booths and needs to be arranged at the time of booking. If the funds have not been received by Bubbly Booths 14 days prior to the event the company reserves the right to not attend the event and the full balance will remain payable.
11. Cancellations – any cancellation is subject to the following charges:
You reserve the right to cancel the booking within 14 days, however after this you will lose your deposit and will be liable for the below;
· 8 weeks or more prior to the event - 25% of the agreed hire price
· 6 weeks prior to the event - 50% of the agreed hire price
· 4 weeks prior to the event - 75% of the agreed hire price
· 2 weeks prior to the event - 100% of the agreed hire price.
Event date changes are deemed to be a cancellation of the original agreement and will be subject to renegotiation and the above charges will be in place.
12. Every effort will be made to ensure the photo booth hire goes to plan, however there are occasions where things can go wrong and the company will not be held responsible for example conditions which are beyond Bubbly Booth control. These include (But are not exclusive to) Traffic jams (including road closures), power cuts, breakdown of vehicles, photo booth failure, weather conditions (particularly when having an outdoor event) and/ or other unforeseen causes.
13. In the case of photo booth failure or any equipment failure (where there has been a significant impact on the hire time) a pro rata refund may be given however this is at the discretion of Bubbly booths but it is worth noting that no refund will exceed the cost of the hire.
14. Delays caused by the customer will be considered part of the hire time and therefore no refunds or extra time will be given.
15. Delays/continuous use of the photo booth at the end of the hire time caused by the customer (in excess of 15 minutes) will be charged in addition to the original hire price and will be charged at Half the current hour package price.
16. The booth itself is a maximum of 8ft by 8ft therefore we need significant space to be able to safely carry out the event, It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the chosen venue can accommodate this.
17. We will accommodate both indoor and outdoor events, however all outdoor events will be subject to the weather and no refund will be given should the weather condition be too poor to carry out the event. It is the customers responsibility to advise Bubbly Booths of whether the event will be indoor or outdoor at the time of booking.
18. No food or Drink will be permitted inside the photo booth, however if it is taken into the booth and the equipment is damaged you are accepting liability to pay in full for the cost of the damaged equipment.- we reserve the right to refuse any person entry to the photo booth.
19. The customer is responsible for any damage made to the photo booth or any other equipment used, including (but not exclusive to) The camera, monitor, stand, printer, Printer table, cables and the props. – Payment for any damages made to the photo booth of any of its contents are to be made within 7 working days following the event.
20. All images from your event will be kept by us for a maximum of 3 months, however the Facebook gallery will stay there for as long as possible, therefore once you have received the USB with the prints it is you responsibility to make copies and keep the photos safe.
21. We have public liability insurance and the insurance certificate is available on request, however please note Bubbly Booths will accept no liability for personal injury or damage to personal property as a result of the use of our photo booth.
22. The Customer should understand that the company reserves the copyrights to the photos taken by all persons using the photo booth and any images may be used for promotion, advertising, trade and any other purpose (This list is non-exhaustive)
23. Please note that any breaches to these terms will be taken seriously and will be enforced under the law of contract in English law.
24. As stated in our online brochure, for the 2 and 3 hour packages we include double prints. However, this only applies on our full price packages only.
25. If any discount is given to any package then the double prints don't apply, only under the full price will we offer double prints with the silver package upwards.
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