Our small inflatabooth is versatile and at 7ft by 7ft, it fits in any space but it also is able to fit in 11 people which means memories can be made with more of the important people in your life!


Our large inflatabooth (8ft by 8ft) can fit up to 20 people in one picture meaning large groups can all stick together!


Our selfie​ pod is new to the family and is not enclosed meaning you can fit an unlimited amount of people in one picture!


Want a booth outside in the garden?* Or inside a living room in a house? Look no further as we have thought about that with the durability and the size of the booth.


That's it. That's what we offer. Very affordable, sleek looking and adaptable booths along with our selfie pod that will do everything you want it to do... and more!!


*We love the outdoors, however, we cannot control the weather so if you want it out in the elements then we'd prefer it to be under a canopy of some sort as while we are confident the booth could withstand drizzle, we don't think our amazing equipment would be as forgiving!


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